Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Absolutely! Unfortunately, due to issues beyond our control, we are unable to ship to Russia currently. Please be advised, it is not uncommon to see orders take up to 40 business days to arrive.

Q: I ordered a shirt and a print but only received the shirt, did you forget to send the print?

A: Prints and shirts always ship separately, and on some occasion shirts may ship separately if there is a shortage on a specific size or color.

Q: Do you do custom orders?

A: I’m not currently taking any custom requests or commissions, sorry!

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: For sure! Just send it back, and we will either replace or refund your order once we receive the return. We are not currently offering prepaid return shipping. 

Q: Who makes the art?

A: I do! All of the art is by me, however, I do not print and ship my work - I have professionals with crazy expensive printers to handle that for me. If there’s ever an error with the image we are happy send a replacement so do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Q: Why isn’t my tracking link working?

A: Please allow 24-48 hours for your tracking link to update once you receive it. If you are still having issues, please reach out to support@michaelkreiserart.com

Q: I have an issue!

A: No problem! My wife recently joined me and actually handles all customer correspondence so whether you reach out on the website, Instagram or email - she will be able to help!